Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Path to my castle

Post #7 - A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
 He is the only thing that has had the biggest impact on me since day one. Someone that, even when I am straying, or going through a rough patch, is on my mind. Whether he is at the very front of my mind, or someone I have pushed further back at times. Regardless, he is always there. My room is filled with pictures and quotes about Christ, and the gospel. I try to make him my main focus. I sometimes tell myself that my testimony isn't as strong as it really is. I tend to analyze and focus on those things I can't comprehend, and talk myself out of it.  But, when I do that, I am insulting my Savior- who died for me and shows me he loves me daily. Who stretches me, helps me to grow, leads, and directs, my life in the very best ways. Preparing me for the happily ever after that I long for. It's so true that you never understand your trials while you are going through them, but looking back you usually know exactly why (and sometimes you never know why and just have to trust that there was a reason, and God would never let you go through it if there wasn't) it happened the way it did, when it did. One of my favorite quotes is by Elder Simmons (of the seventy), my sister text it to me a month or so ago, and it says, "Faith is believing that although we don't understand all things, he does. Faith is knowing that although our power is limited his is not. Faith in Jesus Christ consists of complete reliance on him." 
"Do not expect to be free entirely from trouble and disappointment and pain and discouragement, for these are the things that we were sent to earth to endure."-Elder Boyd K. Packer says, before quoting another one of my all time favorite quotes:
"With thoughtless and impatient hands, we tangle up that plans the Lord hath wrought, and when we cry in pain he saith, "be quiet man, while I untie the knot.'" I need to remember why I am here, who really has the biggest impact in my life, and patiently allow him to direct my life.
Christ, and his gospel have the biggest impact on me because they're the entire reason I am here. To learn, grow, and return to my father in Heaven. Thoughts of Christ impact me daily, and help make all my decisions-sometimes big, and sometimes really small. 
I also need to make sure I am walking the right path to one day get married in my castle(Dad- not till I'm graduated from school of course):

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Marchele said...

Sarah, I love you so much! You have such a strong testimony and your a great example to me. I admire you for being strong enough to over come your trials. Thanks for for sharing your spiritual posts, you have really helped to strengthen my testimony. Thanks for all you do.