Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not all Superheros wear capes

Post # 6 - Favorite super hero and why

Most superhero's seem to have: a strong moral code, including willingness to risk one's own personal safety, which never seems to run out in the service of good without expectation of reward. 
Batman works on a triple D principle; dedication, determination, and devotion towards his work. 
Superman is fighting to safe guard man kind. In other words you feel safe in his presense. He is a man of principle and maintains a firm sense of right and wrong. He uses truth, justice, and freedom as his prime source of inspiration to serve..
 Urban Dictionary defines a superhero as: someone who is super and does super things.

"...My dear mom... my comforter
My friend forever
When life's right or wrong 
She is also my laughter
Yet my shoulder to cry on

My mom is my super hero
My mom is my world.." 

 My mom
Strong moral code (check)- My mom has always been a great example of teaching me the morals I need to uphold. She has taught by example, as well as enforcement (when needed). Which leads me to:
Willingness to risk herself/ own feelings for those around her (check)- She always raised me the best way she knew how. Often times I would disagree, mostly because I felt like I knew everything (don't worry, I now know that I don't). I never really saw the 'big picture' and I think I enjoyed being rebellious sometimes. But she knew what kind of person I needed to be and was willing to risk her own feelings, or our relationship (only because I would then fight back causing confrontation) at that very moment, to help mold me into a better person.
Without expectation of a reward (check)- She goes to work, always makes sure the house is clean, does laundry, cooks dinner, runs billions of errands a day, gardens, pays the bills (takes care of making sure they get paid, Ray also pays them), goes to her church meetings, visiting teaching, holds family scripture/prayer, calls and checks up on her kids, keeps tabs on all EIGHT of them, does so much for her mom, and all her family for that matter etc. etc. etc. and hardly ever, if ever, does anything for herself.  She is always thinking of others. And she never complains that no one has rewarded her, or that she expects one. She's basically just a supermom by default. Luckily she has a great husband who does nice things for her daily, and says nice things to her repeatedly. No one could ever reward her in the amount that she deserves, but he's definitely got a great head start on the rest of us.
Dedication determination and devotion towards her work (check, check, check) Even ask her boss, or co-workers, she will do anything to make sure what needs to be done, gets done. She will go in on her day off if she needs to, and/or stay late. And she's been there for like 100 years, so I think that covers the dedication part.
Feel safe in her presence (check) I feel very safe around her, always. As a matter of fact, I used to go to her for that feeling of safety late at night when I was scared and nothing else sufficed. And now whenever I feel alone, scared, confused, or unsafe, I will call her for that safety. (As long as I'm not in an irritated, or uptight, mood on top of the unsafe feeling-because then I tend to be not so nice).  I go to her for advice about everything. She probably knows more than she would like about me. But she obviously makes me feel safe or I wouldn't tell her ALL of my secrets. I feel guilty if I don't, so they always spill out.
Is an example in truth, justice, and freedom (check)- This makes me think of spiritual truth, and freedom. She is a rock in the church and the BEST example. Whenever my testimony is falling, hers is able to pull it up (even if I don't admit it). Just watching her example is able to strengthen me.
Super (check) I mean, if you don't think she's super by now then you are dismissed and not allowed to ever read my blog again.
She does super things (check- daily...) Helps throw baby/bridal showers for all the kids , does family dinners, buys me groceries and other things I need, doesn't give up on me when I am being far from pleasant, always encourages me, somehow did 10 people's laundry when all us kids lived at home, keeps reminding me the things I know and just need to believe, very talented at scrap booking, has really good penmanship, can type super fast, she raised (or helped) 8 kids while working, commutes an hour to work every day, loves her family equally and shows us each how much she cares, Plays the piano amazingly, makes the best goodies, plays games with her kids....Okay, it's 5:30 in the morning and if I don't stop here I could be writing 'super things' my mom does/has done for hours. Basically she's just awesome, amazing, beautiful, talented, selfless, spiritually solid, pleasant, helpful, smart, loving, kind, logical, calm, understanding, patient....shoot I started it again. These lists are never ending. My mom is my superhero and what I have written is just a microscopic example as to why.
People tell me I look like her, lucky me if that's what's coming in 30 years.

I'd pick her over Superman any day.

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Kasi Good said...

all I have to say about this is...why am I not on your blog list?

PS just kidding. I ALSO wanted to say--you are a good daughter. And sister. I could go so far as to say the BEST sister ever.