Monday, November 29, 2010

Write and Remember

#8 Short term goals for this month and why
When it comes to goal making, I am super at thinking of things I should/need to accomplish. The problem is, 'thinking' about what I should/need to do is usually as far as I get. Unless they are small, everyday things, then I usually am more likely to accomplish them- so this list should be alright. 

(Except- I did write down my New Years Resolutions this year and I think I have fulfilled all but one. That one will probably take a couple years to fully accomplish, but I think I made a decent dent in it for this year).
So maybe that's the magic trick of goal accomplishment- writing them down.
I think poor Mr. Alligator (left) thought he had no way out of being a purse, so he embraced it and made it his goal. Instead his goal should have been to find a lady alligator friend to run away with. If he had done that, he'd be happily living in some nasty somewhere with his lady-instead of in your closet. Poor guy. 
Don't let this happen to you. Make your goals something that will enhance your future, don't go with what is already mapped out by someone else. It is important to make you goals for yourslef and something that will be beneficial for YOU.

I constantly find myself battling these frightening obstacles. But every time I do it's because I let myself forget the goal, the big picture, the reason I am doing the things I am doing. I look to the left a little or turn around to look back, instead of looking my goal in the eye until I reach it. It's easy to lose sight of our goals, and drift away from them when other things seem more appealing at the moment. Unfortunately, it usually is only for the moment. I think a big part of accomplishing your goals is, after writing them down, putting them somewhere that will remind you often what you're trying to reach.

In my opinion, the short term goals are easier to accomplish than the long term ones. They're quicker so they usually don't come with as many obstacles.
So here are my goals- For December (since we're almost there), hopefully they will get accomplished without too much slacking on my part. 

1. Work-work-work till I have the money I need for my rent which is due on the 1st (Unfortunately, it won't be paid on time) and do not spend money on ANYTHING I don't absolutely need until that is paid in full.
2. Study-study-study (till I know the material inside-and-out) and do super well on every final  and end the semester with all A's and B's.
3. Go to the temple twice [I know that's not a lot, but it's hard in Logan when you have to SCHEDULE appointments and can't call to do so until after 11:30 and then have to go when they tell you they can squeeze you in (that is, if they can)!]
4. Work on my frustration with the way they do baptisms in the Logan temple
5. Go the the gym at least 4 days a week, or just make sure to get at least 16-20 miles of running in each week (I've been slacking)
6. Wok on my sugar ADDICTION and it toning down a few notches
7. Be less selfish- I've been in this "work on me" zone for a little while now and have forgotten to pay as much attention to those around me. I haven't been as good of a friend as I should be. 
8. Start making progress on my choice of a major 
9. Buy some boots that will keep snow out (Back to number 1- this is an absolute need. I live in Logan, Utah)
10. TRY to get on a better sleeping schedule 
 That will probably suffice for now. I could keep going, but I shouldn't overload, I might not do them all if I do that! Besides- the other ones are either a) Too personal to share or b) will take way longer than a month to accomplish. So those are a few small goals for the month. But I promise to continue keeping my larger goals in mind as well, and if I do get distracted and hit one of those scary obstacles because of it, I will get around it.
I hope you'll do the same!  

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