Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions

2009 Resolutions:
1. Do better in school. Last semester was no bueno and i know i am not dumb, so i need to try harder.
2. Keep this Wingers job. Which means if you come visit to get free food, forget it. I'm not risking it. haha.
3. Keep up the 4 mile a day running (it gets easy to be lazy and decide not to today for instance)
4. Do as much partying as possible in Logan
5. Get better at handling the cold. So i can, well, survive maybe.
6. Keep my dorm room c lean (haha ok i know, what a joke right?)
7. Get over that stupid boy completely (Hey I'm doing EXTREMELY better, but it still has a ways to go to be completely better)

1. I did better in school, Check
2. Still going strong at wingers, Check
3. Well I did it until summer...haha dangit. Half check
4. I partied in Logan, Check
5. I am much better at handling the cold, although i still HATE it, check
6. Well I doubt I kept my dorm room clean, but I have been keeping my new room at my apartment clean, so half check again?
7. Definitely completely!! over that stupid boy, check!!

Time for list of 2010?
1. Do Even better in school
2. Start working out again regularly
3. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up
4. Change my way of over thinking/over analyzing EVERYTHING
5. Start a savings account and get a decent amount of money in it.

....that's all I can think of right now. Maybe I'll add to it.
Happy 2010!!

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Kasi said...

good job dude. I like this years too.