Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mrs. Wingers

I have taken the name Mrs. Wingers at work. Jeff is Mr. Wingers, he is great. I really love my job. I had a period for about a week or two where I was hating it. The days would drag, and I would really dread going in. But that passed, and I'm back to loving it. There is this group of juniors in highschool that come in weekly. It's been months now that they have been coming. The very first time I served them I could not stand them. They were loud, annoying, messy, and awful tippers. I would always call not it when they came in. They even managed to get a girl fired because she threw such a fit about serving them. So time went on and they kept coming, and kept being little pests. But somehow, I dont even remember how, one day they just became our favorites. I think it started with Jeff. They'd always tip him a ton and he loved them. Then I served them once and they were way fun and cool. They started saying Jeff and I should hook up, and I should be Mrs. Wingers. So I put it on my name tag tonight haha. Anyway, These are our family pictures. Jeff and I want to make them shirts and put pictures of him and I in christmas sweaters and hats on it that say Merry Christmas Love, Mr. and Mrs. Wingers. haha who knows if it'll happen though.

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