Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So.. in 8th grade I met Becca Bryson because a kid told me I looked identical to her. So while I was in Vegas, I got her email and we started msn-ing each other. Then started hanging out when school started and kind of became best friends. And we have been ever since. Some people think we could be twins. Others think we look nothing a like. Either way, she is great and I love her to death :) We went to a USU basketball game last time she was here (explains our U tattoos on our cheeks). . Oh, can I please just tell you about that game? So some kids (a couple of my friends even) decided to start camping out in the FREEZING cold Logan winter weather the day before the game at noon. Some woke up with frost on themselves. Totally not worth it, but whatever. So Becca and I show up about an hour and a half before the doors open. We got in line with my friend Shayla and were near the end of the line, which had grown tremendously. So finally they open the doors and slowly but surely we creep up near the front. I kid you not, 20 people before us and they shut the doors!! And it was FREEZING! I thought my feet were going to fall of for sure. We stick it out for a minute hoping they'll open them. But it doesnt look too promising. So this kid and I went to the other doors to see if there was any way. A cop was standing there saying ticket holders only, no more students can get it. So we went back. Then Becca and I thought we'd give it one more try and went to the other side. We then sat there and had a nice discussion with the cop. At first he made it sound like there was NO getting in, and we almost just gave up. But me being the pushy, impatient, and demanding person that I am just kept joking with him. And I used Becca as my main target (making him feel bad for the preggo). Finally he's like wait here for a minute, and then...he totally got us in! It was great. The ticket taker girl was like, "no students can get in" and he just used his cop authority awesomeness and overruled whatever she said. It was so fabulous :).

Oh and the cow, his name is Milky, Dayne and I got him at Lagoon this summer and he has become my sleeping buddy. He keeps me company EVERY night :).

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Adam and Dev said...

You guys kind of look alike, but I think most of it is the hair(same color and length...) Sara, how are you? I miss seeing you!