Monday, September 28, 2009


Liz says it's because I pay my tithing and God knows I cannot afford a ticket.
Dayne gets frustrated because i'm so freaking lucky.
I just wonder how I get away with it as often as I do.

So, last night Dayne and I were in idaho and I had a work meeting to be back in Logan for in a half hour. We should have left earlier but I knew I could make it in time. The speed limit is between 60-65 MOST of the way from Dayton, ID to Logan, UT. But there are those couple of towns where it goes down to 25, 35, and 45. My problem is going THAT slow after I've been doing 80. So I usually slow down to about 50 and coast my way through the smaller towns. Well, luckily (even though he ALWAYS does i just dont ALWAYS listen) Dayne reminded me for the thousandth time that I had better slow down. So I did. Then the speed limit started to creep up it was hitting 35 then 45 so, naturally, I sped up. Right outside of town I see those bright colored flashing lights. I may have even said a bad word because I was SO mad that he was pulling me over then of all times. I NEEDED to be in Logan. Well, I pull over the cop comes over and pulls his, "Do you know what the speed limit was?"
"No", I reply
"It was 25 and you were going 37"
"Wow, That's a lot slower than I usually slow down too" (I wanted to say...) But really I said:
"Sorry" or something lame like that.
He then took my information and I was sure I had a ticket coming. I called Wingers, informed them i'd be late and waited. He came back and said, "Well Lindsay (yes he called me lindsay) this is a speed I really should ticket you for but i'm just going to give you warning. The speed limits are clearly posted in Preston." I said "Thank you!" And we were on our way.

Got out of another one.
Dayne was pissed.

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Marchele said...

Way to be!! I have a speeding problem too and it bugs my sister that I have never got a ticket for it!! Ha ha!!