Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New in Town

Texas Roadhouse.

The hype has gone on for months now that Texas Roadhouse would be opening in September. The only time I have been there was in Indiana with Kasi and Kevin. They LOVE that place. Me, I didnt think it was THAT great when we went. Then it opened here. Great another COOL restaurant to steal Wingers business (which is so sucky by the way). I did have to go try it out though.... 3 baskets of rolls and cinnamon honey butter, a salad, 1 steak cooked to perfection, a half rack of ribs, some mashed potatoes, and apple pie, later I was in love. Great, a new place i love to spend my money (that i dont have by the way). I went twice in one week. The food couldn't be better. The atmosphere is a blast... the service however was awful! Both times! Not only did the waitresses make it obvious each time that they wanted us out of there, but they were not good at their job in any aspect. I feel as though the manager hired a staff of inexperienced kids. I'm sorry waitresses that you only have 2 table sections, but that's not my fault. I'm going to tip you, dont you worry, so stop trying to rush me out of there. I WILL want dessert AFTER i have taken my time to eat my meal. I guess i'd be bugged too if i only had 2 table sections and each table stayed an hour or more, but I'd learn to deal with it. First waitress, had no idea what she was doing. Not personable in any form. Liz's food was disgusting and she didnt even offer to do anything about it. Next waitress brought us our check at the same time as she brought us our dinner! I looked at her and said, "We're going to get dessert after this.. sorry" in a nice way, dont worry. How tacky is it though to bring a check as the same time as your meal? Maybe they taught them that, who knows. I think it's rude.
But i've decided i must go eat there as many times as it takes to find a good waitress (okay okay, so i just LOVE it there and need an excuse to go back).

Lizzy taking a picture by herself, as the third wheel... she makes it clear that she is now known as that. I left off the picture of her kissing the air... haha

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Emmy said...

when i get home i'll be lizs date. yes please?