Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall Semester...Utah State

School is going surprisingly well. I love my sports psychology class. Math is WAY too easy (for now) and Creative Arts is a bit of a joke, but still somewhat interesting. The teacher is an opera singer and plans to put all 1,000 of us in alphabetical order, and memorize each of us... we'll see how that goes. The first week is over and I went to every class. haha. Tuesdays and Thursdays class starts at 9!! Dayne has to come wake me up at 8:30, I then roll out of bed, brush my teeth, throw on shoes, and go to the bus. It's nice though because I then have the entire day! Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays I have class at 10:30 and then a 4 hour break until the next class. Some people would hate that, but I actually love it. It means I have 4 hours to do some of the following: Homework, nap, play, clean, run, shower, eat, etc. I also like it because it means I dont have to worry about going to work therefor the whole 4 hours is free!
I am planning to get VERY involved in my ward this semester. I just paid 465 dollars in tithing (shows how long it's been since I've had a steady ward ha). Church isnt till 12:45 which is so great. And i've even been going to FHE. I love my ward, the people in it are great. And most of them very funny.
I live with Lizzy again, as well as two randoms. Niki and Amber. Niki is a firefighter which I find really awesome and Amber has a full time job. They aren't around THAT much. But i like it when they are. They are both extremely friendly and easy going. Belive it or not i'm the one who cleans haha. Albree, gidgy and kels should be proud (old roommates).
I love my apartment. My room is small, but not tiny. I have my TV (I never watch it), bed, a desk, and a dresser. I need to get a working camera so I can take pictures. That's about it on moving in...

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Marchele said...

Oh, Sara!!! I absolutely love you!! Way to be getting involved in your ward, that is great!! I am proud of you for cleaning!! HA HA Impressive that you have classes that early and are going to all of them... and creative arts with Ballam is a joke, he says he is going to memorize all of you... that is just to try and get everyone to sit in there assigned seats, but he never knows if you actually do! Anyway haha I am so glad you are having a good semester and like all your roommates! Love your face and miss you lots!!