Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Time to move... AGAIN! Boxing, and moving, all of your stuff gets pretty boring. I dont know why I even unpack. haha jk. This summer has definitely flown by though. I feel like i just barely moved in to this place. Sucky part of moving, this time around, is I have to be out of this place the 10th (monday) and cannot move into my new place until August 20th!!! So I am moving to idaho for 10 days. Which means a 45 minute drive to work every day. Joy. I work like every day next week too, so lots of driving. Which=lots of gas. Which=lots of money! Work is KINDA picking up, every now and then. A couple weeks and it will be good again. 

I cannot wait!!! 
I'll post pictures when I have a new apartment. 

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The best boyfriend in the world said...

Sara, its only 30 minutes, and hanging out in the raspberry patch is totally worth it.