Thursday, August 13, 2009


My birthday was great! It started with a fun dance party with lizzy and J baby. Where they had the DJ's announce my birthday ( I felt a little embarrassed)!
Then I slept at Jessica's where Bucket woke me up around 8 by pounding on his high chair. Jessica then told me to go lay in her bed and go back to sleep, so I did. Dad and rhonda called and left a very enjoyable birthday song on my answering machine (then called later when I actually was awake) I was then woke up again around 1130 to a very yummy breakfast and some drawings by the kids.
The day went as follows:
The whole family (minus teressa, todd and kids, tiegan, dad, rhonda, danielle and marcus, kasi, kevin, and kids) was there to celebrate with me...
Mom made me a castle cake!
Ryan drew a picture of dayne and I. I loved it!!
Mike and i sniffed markers
I led everyone in singing happy birthday to me with my wand (from jessica), and wearing my princess crown (also from Jessica)
I then took a bite out of my cake while jessica smashed my entire face in. So i rubbed it on her, kissed dayne (to get it all over him) and let bucket enjoy some...
I got a new bed spread for my beds at college, bright pink towels, a magnet cork board, markers, office supplies, flowers, cards, card and money from monaca and family, a book from kasi and kevin, drawings from all of my kids, a dry erase calendar board, a new sunday outfit, and my hair dyed and cut (From dad and Rhonda ... haha they didnt know that till just now)

Thank you everyone! I love you all!


Marchele said...

Glad you had a good birthday Sara!!! I love your face and wish I could have seen you!!

Adam and Dev said...

Happy Birthday friend! Glad you had a good one...:)