Monday, August 3, 2009


It's (almost) that time of year again.. you know, that time where it's all about you for one ENTIRE day? Celebrating the day you were born... I don't even understand why there is just one day a year where people get to make you cakes (like the cool castle one you're going to make mom), and buy you sweet cards, throw money at you, buy you cool stuff... I'm definitely not complaining, whoever decided you should be celebrated on your birth day was a genius. The only problem this year is I have no idea what I want. My mom keeps bugging me. Usually I can think of a good amount of stuff. But the only things I NEED at the moment are my bills paid for, and some new clothes (not jeans, but shirts, church clothes, and underwear), and a new phone. But moms can never pick out the right outfits, and they definitely dont choose cute underwear. Because they dont understand WHY you should where cute underwear if you're the only one that's going to see it. I dont know about everyone else, but I dont like to look like a grandma when i'm in my underwear. Maybe that's just me. And, well, phones are too expensive and I'd rather just make mine work till I can buy a cheaper one later. 

So I need some ideas, and some good ideas. I
 really would just like a huge shopping spree, that would be fabulous (I havent been able to shop forever! Yeah yeah, i know I have plenty of clothes everyone thinks.. especially dayne... but they really are all old. They're going out of style. haha. Winter is coming though, i need some warmer clothes. Logan winters are no good. 

You know, if apartment owners were cool they would let you have pets. In that case, I would most definitely LOVE to have this: 
I would love a cute fluffy little dog. IT would be so great. 

Anyway the whole point of this blog was for YOU to give ME ideas of what I want for my birthday. Thanks! 


Kasi said...

i think you should just ask for money or gift cards to buy clothes.

Sorry I haven't looked at your schedule yet, I will try to today. Why don't you take a photography class?

Adam and Dev said...

He he- that dog is SUPER CUTE! Your underwear comment made me laugh- my mom used to tell me the same thing about

SPYandK8 said...

the dog is so so so cute:)