Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 a.m. post?

I'm supposed to blog about what I do, right? Well here's tonight:
Work- made like 40 dollars more than i thought! yay! And I worked with Dallin, Cody, Brian and Brooke (some of my very favorite wingers crew) 
Zac- Wanted to hang out, so we did. First I gave him this bear i found for him at Walmart. It has a cowboy hat and is holding a heart that says, "I'm a little bit country"...once he told me he was part cowboy so i thought it fit perfectly, we named him Gus. Then we went bowling and bowled 2 very embarrassing scores of 77 (zac) and 104 (me).... THEN rented Bandits and started home to watch it. Oh, that is until Zac informed me that a stop sign doesnt 
mean stop and he never does. So mr. police officer pulled us over. Even Zac's "I have been in Paraguay for 2 years where there are no stop signs" excuse didnt work. So=Ticket. Poor kid, he was pretty upset. After we watched Bandit and he left. Fun night. 
Lizzy: Braided one of our sweet friends from room 101 (they are awesome) hair. I never saw the final project but i imagine it was sweet. Sadly Lizzy went to bed while Zac and I were finishing our movie so I did not get to talk to her like we usually do before we fall asleep :( sad day. 
Bed: The goal was to be asleep by midnight... ha funny joke, it is currently 3:16 a.m. 
Gym: I only ran 3 miles today :/ I hate days like these, I couldnt seem to get more! Okay, so I could have but i was wayy too lazy. 
School: Was boring. I actually didnt even want to go! But lizzy, being the great friend that she is, forced me to get out of bed and go to class. Mom and Dad, I'm sure you'll appreciate her for this one. 
Okay so I need to go to bed. That was my day! 
Good Night!! :)  

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Kasi said...

don't you remember that zach is a tool?