Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We start and End with FAMILY

I have never appreciated, or loved, my family more than when I moved away from them. I miss them greatly. I have always been away from some, but the ones I have been with since day 1 i took for granted my whole life. And I am sorry. My family is my life. Even though I dont always show it. When I look at pictures of my brothers golfing, or sisters watching their kids I miss them terribly. I miss Denny teaching me how to drive. I miss thinking Mike was the coolest thing since sliced bread. I miss driving to Orem and knowing kasi, kevin, and my kids would be there. I miss going to my dad and Rhonda's every other weekend. I miss playing weird spy games with Tiegan. I miss listening to Kasi's music while I try to fall asleep across the room. I miss chris pinning me down and tickling me. I miss Monaca tickling my back. I miss mom coloring with me. I miss Ray having long talks with me. I miss Teressa and Todd being around any time I went to Vegas. I miss Ryan coming downstairs to tell me prayers and scriptures time. I just miss Ryan period. I miss playing sports with the boys. I miss gossiping with Rach. I miss seeing Mike and Jacky every Sunday. I miss Chris coming over randomly and hanging out. I miss knowing mom was up typing late, so I could fall asleep knowing I wasnt the only one in the house awake. I miss playing barbies with Danielle. I miss kevin making me watch football and basketball plays, and making candy with him. I miss always hearing Cj's joke. I miss them always being around :( I love you Family. You are the best.  

"It is not flesh and blood, but the heart which makes us family" 
Everyone in my family is my full family. Blood or not, I dont see any difference. 

I am so grateful I get to be with the best people in the world for Time and ALL eternity. 


Kasi said...

I have a little tear running down my cheek...I LOVE YOU! I MISS YOU! COME VISIT.

Monaca said...

Miss you more than you know. I miss our family ALL the time, and wish so bad that we had family closer to us. (or that we were closer to family). It's actually gotten worse the longer that we've been a way instead of better. BLAH!!!!

Miss you girl! Come to RACHELS BABY SHOWER on MARCH 28th!!!

Monaca said...

PS... did you have to use my prego picture???