Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years

New Years Eve is usually a night full of fun partying and kissing random strangers at midnight, right? Wrong. At least if you're me and Jess. We're kind of lame sometimes. But together we make the best of things. We spent New Years with Lancer at my dorm. At 12 am we drank our martinellis out of our martini glasses (walmart $10) and made our new years resolutions. 
Time out 

Last year I spent New Years with Matt (first day we met) and we, well, missed 12 oclock because i was parking the car. So we made our New Years at 1210 where we said happy New Years, kissed, etc. etc. 

Time back in 

Then at 1210 we took pictures of Matt and Ryan and we burned them. It was so great. My mom was disappointed that we only burned one small picture. But hey, i need my box of memories alright? 

We then decided to get ready and take pictures. Come on, it's me and Jess. We cannot go a night without getting ready and taking pictures. Our goal was to get ready before the burning ceremony but then we got too lazy and decided not to at all.... that later changed. 

Our Goal was to go Streaking... But it was FREEZING!!!! So we just have swimsuits on under our coats ha ha. It seriously was freezing. 

HAPPY 2009!! 

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Jessica Merell Morgan said...

I love us!! We are so cool. haha! I need to do some catching up on blogs. haha. Love you!