Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Pretty sure that New Years resolutions never work. But whatever, i can try. I have no idea what mine was last year.... But what i do know is i wish everyones!!! wasn't 'lose weight'. Because they usually aren't dedicated (besides you kasi), and then the whole month of January is PACKED with people at Gold's Gym. People, who are going to stop using the pass come February and really just wasted $600 to look like they card enough. But 4 stars for trying, right? Okay my new years resolutions would have to be... 
1. Do better in school. Last semester was no bueno and i know i am not dumb, so i need to try harder. 
2. Keep this Wingers job. Which means if you come visit to get free food, forget it. I'm not risking it. haha. 
3. Keep up the 4 mile a day running (it gets easy to be lazy and decide not to today for instance) 
4. Do as much partying as possible in Logan 
5. Get better at handling the cold. So i can, well, survive maybe. 
6. Keep my dorm room c lean (haha ok i know, what a joke right?) 
7. Get over that stupid boy completely (Hey I'm doing EXTREMELY better, but it still has a ways to go to be completely better) 

... that's all I've got for now... if i think of more i will most definitely share. 


Kasi said...

good resolutions, especially that last one. Got your presents today! I looooove them, and the kids looooove them and I still haven't mailed yours. meh.

Monaca said...

Hey... Here's one for the list

8. NO MORE DOUGHNUTS this winter??? And I don't mean cream filled or glazed, I'm talking about the ones you're doing on the free-ways!!!

No more of that! We need you around to keep our family lively! Who would tell stories better than YOU can? And give us reasons to laugh and cry at the same time?

Good luck at school! Love ya!