Sunday, January 11, 2009

College Life=Adventures

January 8 2009 

2:30 A.m. Sara Says: Liz let's go to Arizona! This kid wants me to come get him and hes going to come back to Logan and play!! 
Liz is finally convinced 
3:30 a.m. Depart Logan, UT. Long Drive ahead. 
5:10 a.m. Lizzy took half an hour nap. Sara (the driver) took a little one too :/ oops. We are just passing Lehi! 
5:32 a.m. It's the darkest part of the night...we just got off I=15 onto US 6 East. And we are rockin the country 
5:34 a.m. p.s. the lights are on our side and sara thinks she's past the tired point :_ 
5:50 a.m. Where the heck is the sun?? 
Liz: "Is that the sun?!" Sara: Na it's just a truck 
5:55 a.m. stopped for gas at creepy place in the canyon. Have to wait 5 minutes to open (it never opens) feels a little like a horror movie.
Side note: Liz slipped and almost died when she got out to see if the door was open 
6:30 a.m. There is a glimmer of light on the horizon. We passed another closed gas station. Boo! Still have half a tank 
6:45 a.m. Stop for gas. Yay. Buy twizzlers. Cant decide on a drink soo we pass. 
Not even tired. 
7:09 a.m we just ran over some kind of wild animal that was already in 3 giant pieces. Pretty sure there is some jungle juice on the car now. P.s. no sun, but it is light outside. 
P.s.s Sara's windshield wipers work fabulous, you can see ALL the dirt smeered across the windshield. Glove compartment shakes uncontrollably. 
7:46 a.m. We see the sun! 
7:49 a.m. So! The car started making a really funny noise... Good thing we said a prayer :) 
8:07 a.m. another 150 miles down. Lizzy is dozing off to the unknown slow jams. We are on the US 191 now. "Dust Storm Area Ends" That is neat. 
8:27 a.m. We just crossed a river, cool. 
8:30 a.m. We are in Moab. It's even worse than Provo! We are getting gas again (just to be safe) and clean the windshield. Side note: There is a mailman putting gas in his mail truck. Never seen that before!! 
8:49 a.m. We just passed Hole in the Rock, however due to laziness and lack of time we had to skip a photo op 
9:22 a.m. We stopped to check the car. The noise seems to be getting louder. We are in Monticello... Prayer time. 
9:49 a.m. we are lame and forgot to check the time when we went over colorado boarder... but we did (a little bit ago, around 9:30) 
10:40 a.m. we are at this place that says it is the four corners (but we cant find it) and we are possibly turning around. And liz has to pee. Sara does too a little. So we might go pee outside due to lack of bathroom-age. Sara is a chicken! But Liz peed outside. 
10:55 a.m. He canceled! Hes' not coming! We have driven all this way for no purpose... We are awesome! We are headed to the four corners. Kind of relived he bailed because we do not want to drive another 7 hours there then 14 back to Logan. Phew. 
"My tummy is begging me to fill it" 
11:03 a.m. we are in New Mexico! 
11:14 a.m. We are back in Colorado! Wahoo! 
12:00 p.m. We crossed the San Juan River in search for the Four Corners 
12:02 p.m. We are at the four corners! Our Journey was somewhat successful!! 

12:26 p.m. we were just in 4 places at once! Now our journey begins. Once again the point boys suck was proven. That happens daily. Space is still being a champ. Lizzy finished her math homework! 
1:17 p.m. Stopped for gas and checking to make sure we are going the right way. Back Tracking isnt that easy... 
2:03 p.m. we made it back to US 191 yay! 
2:32 p.m. HOLE IN THE ROCK. Sara needed a bathroom and it was a great photo op. 
4:28 p.m. ABout an hour from Provo we have been driving 786 miles so far! 
5:51 p.m. Arrived in Provo. Sara is being moody (Probably due to the fact that she's been driving for 15 straight hours! While lizzy napped) 
We did however see some beautiful scenery on the ride. It was so great. 
.... basically we hung out in provo for a few hours then made our way back to Logan, where we responsibly woke up for school the next day. 


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Kasi said...

QUIT DOING STUPID THINGS FOR STUPID BOYS. That said, glad you made it home safe.