Thursday, October 16, 2008

Safely in Sin City

Little Space G was a champ and made it to Vegas with 
no problems! 
Minus the uncontrollable 
shaking that takes place 
from my glove 
box. At times i am tempted to duck tape it 
shut. Then i think logically about it and realize how
tacky that would look
...guess i'll just deal with the shaking. 
And the drive really
 wasn't all that bad, i kind
 of actually really enjoyed 6 hours to myself with whatever kind of 
music i wanted and as loud as i wanted [[loud enough to save no room for think
ing]]. But umm, what do you do when you're 
driving down the freeway and a semi truck honks at you and waves their arm
 for no reason? 
Maybe he just wanted to 
say hi. I still haven't quite figured that one out
, if i do i'll get back to you. 
Dad of course made one of his amazingly tasty dinners that i devoured completely, along with a portion 
of Rhonda's. As he was dishing up i asked for a large helping. "Aren't you trying to watch your figure?" He asked as he piled a bowl full of buttery, cheesy goodness. I looked at him and
 laughed. Duh dad, that's what running is for. So that I can fully enjoy meals like those without wanting to kill myself immediately after. Except i guess working out time
 around here is 6 a.m. i think i may have just shuddered even typing that early of a time. We'll see what happens. I kind of hope Rhonda sleeps in and forgets to go
.... I'll let you know what happens there. 

 Oh and isn't it great when your dad tells you your hair is ugly and then tries to cover it up by saying," i never said it was ugly i just 
said i dont like it that dark." Thanks dad. 
Teressa however said she loves it, so that lifted my self esteem a tad bit after dad destroyed it. 

Last, but not least Tyler is pretty freaking cute. Okay, not pretty, really freaking cute. He already loves me too. I guess he turned down his mom for kisses because he wanted to come find me for kisses instead. Sorry Teressa, you'll be his favorite again when I'm gone....maybe ;) 

All in all today has been a pretty good day. Slept till 12, drove till 7, ate a good dinner, spent time with my nephew, got to see everyone, and ended it with a long 
talk in the hot tub with Tieg. 
Yeah, good day. 
And now to end it in the best possible way i am watching the office with Teressa and Rhonda. Oh and Mandy is curled up in a ball next to me.


Kasi said...

whatev, dad doesn't know jack, your hair is awesome. I sooooo wish I could be there!! Isn't it weird that Tyler is only like 5 months older than Jake? He seems way older, huh?

Kev said...

Yeah, I like the dark hair.