Monday, October 20, 2008

Back in Happy Valley

Well. Vegas is over. Rhonda did not wake me up for the gym that morning I previously mentioned, thank goodness!! I did however make it there 2 times on my own. :) Go Sara!! 
I also spent a lot of money on clothes :/ 
Well at least on 1 article of clothing. 
Thank you for the other stuff dad, I LOVE it. 
The drive today=Terrible. I alm
ost died. Do not drive sleepily at the wheel. Make sure to get plenty of sleep beforehand (if at all possible, in my case it was not). 
Annd thanks to Monaca and CJ I am seriously considering being a court reporter. Make the big bucks! So good to see them. The girls even put on a show for me! And a news report, it was very entertaining. 
It is now midnight and if  I have ANY chance of waking up for school tomorrow I should probably peace out and get some sleep. And the fact that I just said "I should probably peace out" shows you how tired I truly am

Good night. 


Monaca said...

Sara!!! You're not suppose to drive when you're tired! Now your mom will NEVER let you come to Vegas by yourself ;O

I'm glad you made it safe. We miss you already, and Morgan decided she DID want to go to your house 15 minutes after you left. Lol.

Love ya's

Kasi said...

you're a dork. But I love you. Oh and Dad said he won't pay for court reporting school. I told you he would look for any excuse not to pay for school :)

Monaca said...
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