Saturday, October 25, 2008

True Aggie Night

So here's the deal..
1. Full Moon
2. Homecoming
3. A days [[Very few of these]]

What are these three things, you may ask... let me tell you. Up here at Utah State during one of these days if you go to the A (Which is a three-dimensional stool that has A's on every side to support the top) at midnight and kiss someone on the A you become a true aggie. BUT on full moon days you have to kiss a true aggie to become on. Buut it was homecoming so i just had to kiss someone. So here's the story:
Last night we went to True Aggie night. I was pretty determined to become one so i thought, i'll find a hottie and we'll go from there. Sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong. Utah State and hotties do not go hand in hand. So we were about to leave and i see it 2 very tall boys. Fairly attractive, but who really cares as long as they're that tall. They probably play basketball. So they are sitting there and one is trying to convince the other to get up and lift his shirt up and wait for a girl to come kiss him. He wouldnt do it. So i told this one that we should go up. He said no! ! ! RUDE! So i was like come on, we go up there, kiss, both become true aggie's, and you never have to talk to me again. It's every boy's dream isnt it? Well he kept saying no. But not rude or anything. So then i was like we'll make it fast come on i need to be a true aggie. He's like well what if i didnt want it fast? So i said okay fast or long whatever i dont really care i just need to become one. So he was kind of getting to saying yes but he said only if the other boy promised to go lift his shirt up. It was a very annoying, long convincing process. I wasn't taking no for an answer. I literally was talking to those boys for like a half an hour. It was a JOKE. But finally he's like alright lets go and leads me up there, hops on, pulls me up and BAM! I become a true Aggie. He was pretty dang attractive i'm not gonna lie.And a good kisser, double score. So we get off and i go to leave and he starts saying something... (what? I really just wanted to become a true Aggie, i didnt need anything after that, i was done) well he wanted my number. Soo i gave it to him. Then we went and hung out with him. The End.

(Oh and later i gave him crap for not kissing me forever... he said it's because he doesn't just kiss random girls and he took so long to say yes to see if i'd actually stick around and try not just be the girls who go from guy to guy trying to find one. So i guess i passed huh? )

I'm awesome. 

Next in line...becoming an Ultimate Aggie! How do you do that?? Ride the Bull that is up on campus....NAKED! 
hahaha love you mom


Kasi said...

you're a dork! Glad you had fun! Has he texted you since then?

Kasi said...

okay dude, time for a new post! and whoo hooo Obama won!