Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sound it out for me

Post Number 2-The Meaning behind your blog nam

The meaning is pretty self explanatory. I took my name, Sara, and sounded it out. I then got 's-air-uh' and I figure that my blog is my own space. So it then became, S-air-uh's Space. Wow, that was way too short of a post, and not at all interesting. So how about I take a little detour and tell you about the dance party that took place in my apartment on 10/10/10. My roommates, and I,  invited some people over at 10:10 p.m. and then had a 10 minute, and 10 second, dance party in our apartment. We turned off the lights, moved the furniture out of the way, got some speakers, and danced our little hearts our for 10 minutes. Well, more like THEY danced their little hearts out. Although I was the one walking around making people dance who were not, I never really got called out on the fact that I was not dancing. I'm tricky like that.

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