Sunday, September 12, 2010

Random Thoughts

1. Made $170.00 at work today. Which was great considering I only made $40 at lunch and for the first few hours, at dinner, I only had like 5 tables. Then the game ended and we got SLAMMED. It ended quite well.
*paying your tithing pays off.
2. Last night I went to a ward camp-out in Mantua (pronounced: Man-away in case you were wondering, since it looks NOTHING like that) and I ate way more food than I should have[[3 sandwiches, 4 cookies, lots of grapes, chips, 2/5 donuts, and 2 cups of hot chocolate WITH mini marshmallows---you're either impressed, or disgusted]] But besides feeling way too full, I had a great experience. I was called to activities committee last week, (I thought they were for sure going to make me a teacher since they figured out it was my most feared calling and when that wasn't it I was, surprisingly, disappointed [if I could get over my fear, I think I would LOVE teaching]), and then was told I was expected on this trip that coming Friday. I had previously made plans with Julia to go to a concert though so I told them I could help plan but wouldn't be able to attend. Plans fell through with Julia, so I ended up driving up. I still got to lead one of the object lessons, which was the mine field. It was a really cool experience to watch everyone try and do it and then get to talk about their experience after. I loved that even in the freezing cold, with people being pretty rowdy, I was still able to feel the spirit as I explained to them how this could apply to their lives and the spiritual message behind the game.
*have I told you yet how much I LOVE my ward? The bishopric, the relief society president, the people. It is so great. And lots of people attend everything, which makes it THAT much better.
3. I think in the last 3 months I have become more patient than I have in my entire life. I have a LONG way to go still but I am surprisingly, somewhat, patient now. I think deserve a pat on the back. I have also developed a lot more faith and I am not as pushy as usual...
*I love learning things and growing up, even if the way it happens sometimes SUCKS.
4. I totaled my car a month and a half ago. The insurance still hasn't decided whose fault it is, even though it was CLEARLY the other drivers (but I did think it was mine in the beginning). So, in the meantime, my best friends brother has let me borrow his car. He is pretty much fantastic for that. The only downside is that his car SQUEALS very loudly every time I drive it, stear it, start it, bascally as long as it's running. It has become quite embarrassing at times. But it's a car, and I am extremely grateful.
*I am not being so patient in this situation, the insurance companies are REALLY frustrating me. And I think he is going to want his car back eventually...
5. I hate knowing something is not right, but still wishing it could have played out differently. Or at least be completely out of my thoughts.
*This one will just require time.
6. The older I get the more I just LOVE my family.
*In my perfect world every single person in my family would live within 10 minutes of each other (not in other states, or across the COUNTRY).
***School is going pretty good, and yes I took a picture of my first day of school like a 5 year old***
I learned who Brett Favre (pronounced Farve --what is up with these incorrect spellings?) was and cheered him on in the first NFL game of the season. Sadly, the vikings did not win.

The car

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Adam and Dev said...

Sara, oh how I love and miss seeing you! We need to do something! Glad to hear all is well with school, church, life, etc :)