Friday, September 10, 2010

1 Giant Bed-5 amazing new friends-life is good.

The Roommates:
 Mary and Myself posing on the A

All are my roommates [[before the 80's dance]] minus the boy, and the girl wearing the purple. There is Ali (blue pants) who was in my ward last year and I planned to live with, Amy (standing next to Ali) who is currently the cripple of the apartment--due to a cliff jumping accident, Mary (bottom left)--the sweetest girl ever who happens to be in one of my classes which has been great, and Ashling (middle child)--who is the new VP of the math club. The last one, Kim, was missing because she ditched out and went home that weekend. We sill love her though. They are basically amazing. And I love that they are my roommates. Last night we watched The Ringer, made brownies, and banana bread...and did homework of course. It was great.

The Room 
(Yes, my king size bed made it up):
I think it turned out nicely...minus the fact that things keep falling off the walls!

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kelsey marie* said...

Ha ha, things are still falling down?