Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nothing Good Happens on Friday the 13th

Well, yesterday was a pretty eventful day at work. First I spilled a frozen lemonade all over my genral managers pants, someone else broke a glass, and someone else spilled a bowl of popcorn EVERYWHERE. Then my sister and I Both ended up in the emergency room. 821 pounds of wood fell on her and trapped her, and I tried to catch a falling glass at work and it broke in my hand. It hurt really bad at first and I wanted to cry but I had tables I was serving, and didn't want to be a baby, so I just put it under water and stared at it, holding in the tears. As the water ran on it it was stinging, bad, the blood refused to stop gushing. My manager then came in and said let's go, that needs stitches. I thought she was crazy. I'll just put a bandaid on it, i told her. But she said no way. So 2 and a half hours, and seven stitches, later it was all better! Luckily, it really didn't hurt very bad except right after it happened.

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