Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Summer...So Far.

Well, I obviously have been having WAY too much fun this Summer to sit down and write an entire blog. But I think it's time. I have already taken about a BILLION pictures so picking out just some is going to be difficult. I will try and tell my Summer with pictures. Enjoy.

I have been spending lots of time with my best friends, taking lots of pictures of course.

Ryan and I have gotten pretty close, it has been fun living at home with him. I am sad that I have to leave him soon, he's going to grow up so much while I'm gone. I cannot believe that he is almost a teenager!

I went to dinner with my old roommate Marchelle 'aka Gidg' She's pretty great. And I have been visiting Shayla a lot when going to Logan, we have been growing closer and becoming better friends! She's also great.

Did the family tradition of going to Lagoon. I thought I'd hate it because as I have grown up I have started not enjoying it as much. Walking around in the blistering heat for an entire day wears me out! Buut it was overcast, and fun spending the day with the family. As I get older I have learned to appreciate my family so much more. And I actually LOVE being around them. I look forward to Sunday's every week just so we can all hang out. Who would have thought...

My best friend, Jessica, got sealed to her husband Nate and their little boy Lancer. She also had her baby about 2 and a half weeks ago. They named her Marelle LyndsieAnn Mohler. Although Lyndsie is spelled differently than Lindsay, she was named after me! :)

I met this boy, his name is Topher

I got a ward in Highland (random, I know... I started going with the girl I am going to live with next semester) and I love it. The bishopric is great and everyone is really nice. The first Sunday I went I was sitting alone and it was fast Sunday and for some reason I got up and bore my testimony. I wasn't even too scared, which is a miracle! I have not done that for YEARS. But it felt so great. I look forward to going to church, and I love that feeling.

I got employee of the month at Wingers! It makes me happy that the management there likes me because I was really worried about working there again. But I absolutely love it! All the people are great and the managers are all so much fun. I'm going to miss it when I move.

I voted! haha mostly because Topher and Lisa Shepherd told me I should. But still...

I went to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho last week with some friends. It was so much fun. Except the River and I got in a fight, and I lost...

I have been spending tons of time with Julia. Which I have loved. Except it's going to make moving back to Logan super hard. I am so glad we have been able to be best friends most of our lives.

My friend Jeffrey went on a trip from Hell with his crazy friend. So I drove to Wyoming and rescued him.

I've been getting lots of time with the nieces and nephews, which I love! I loved having Monaca and the girls here, I wish they lived here. I also wish Kasi, Kevin, and the kids would move back too!! And while they're at it they can grab Teressa, Todd, and their kids!

I'm excited to go back up to School. I am getting bored not having more to do. But I'm going to miss my family and best friends down here. At least I get to take Lizzy Goose up with me :) (well, kinda with me...minus the fact that we dont get to live together).

I have also started going on dates with Jessica once a week! haha. We haven't taken pictures yet or they would be up! I miss her now that she's married with 4 kids it's hard to spend a lot of time together. But we still talk all the time and I love the time we do get together :).

Things to look forward to for the rest of summer:
My 20th birthday
John Michael Montgomery concert
Baby Marelle's Baby Blessing
Getting my temple recommend and doing baptisms with Ryan
Spending lots of time with Julia, and Bec, and Jess and my family before moving away
...and lots more that I cannot think of right now.

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Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

cute pictures! looks like you are having a blast this summer! can't wait to have you back in logan. and this topher kid? details please!
xoxo, jamie