Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dancing and Dating

I usually hate dances. But, as of late, I have come to enjoy them! I think that came after I had accepted the fact that I cannot dance. I can't drop it like it's hot, do the reject, jerk it, walk it out, the stanky leg (although, i think i got pretty good at that one. And by good I just mean I looked awesome...and my definition of awesome probably doesn't match yours). The only bad thing about all these dances is that ALL my friends can dance. So i've come to be okay with the moves I can do: The pelvic thrust, the 5 year old dance (basically you just point upward and move your arms up and down), and this move julia, olivia, and myself started doing about 6 years ago... it consists of putting yourself in a wide stance, and pretty much just flailing your arms around. It's attractive. I have been visiting Provo as often as possible lately, and there is always a dance! These pictures are from the one at Noah's last week. We were actually told to dress 80's, we didn't just show up this way. Although, that wouldn't be out of the norm for us.

And! I just got home from a date at Village Inn. Poor guys who try and take me on dates... my schedule is usually completely full between work and school, but this guy was smart and found a place that's open till 2! So we went to dinner after I got off work tonight. It was fun, we talked for like 3 hours. haha. My waitress probably hated us, until I handed her her $15 tip. And now I am super tired. I cannot wait for my mom and Ray to get here in the morning :) Parents day at church, I wish they came every week!

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