Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Short update

Sometimes I steal Luke's crazy wig....

  • I got a 90 on my first math test, yay go me. I actually love math when I understand it. Last night I finished and was upset that I had no more left to do.
  • I think I have officially decided I want to be an elementary school teacher, but that could very easily change.
  • I am NOT excited for Valentines day. Except for the fact that I may be in Provo with my family, which always helps. Still wish I was spending it with someone else...but whatever.
  • Thursday I am driving to Boise for the Utah State vs. Boise State basketball game. And we are coming back Thursday night. Don't worry, it's only 8 HOURS of driving in one day. No big deal. Jeff and I have already started brainstorming on the treats we want to bring haha. We also have decided that we're eating at the cheesecake factory up there, incase you were wondering.
  • I am still running my 4 miles. Somedays I even bump it up a few. I'm surprised I'm lasting, after that long break I thought I'd never get back into it. But I'm too obsessive about staying in shape, that it's a must.
  • I'm on a super 'pessimistic about life' streak. Crossing my fingers that it will go away soon.
  • Work was SUPER good last week. But then tonight, not so great... Don't know what I'm going to do when Wingers goes out of business ha.

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Brett C Zollinger said...

hey. i am stalking your blog. thought you should know.