Friday, March 13, 2009

Children's Museum...Indianapolis... Neat

Hold on.. Before I get started I need to do some Checks... 
Time: 10:18 p.m (Not too late to be awake, I'm pretty sure anyway). Check
Location: Indiana ( On spring break... therefor, I have no homework I should be doing right now instead of posting this blog ). Check 
Blog item: Vacation (With my kids, so it in no way shows me being irresponsible)... Check
Phew, I think I'm safe to post a blog... but please, correct me if I'm wrong. 


Can I just say that the Children's Museum is quite possibly the coolest thing EVER? I, like Daniel, Hate the zoo. But for my own reasons. Not because the animals are naked and show me their bums. So, while Daniel was at school and missed out at the zoo, I happily slept while they took their adventure. I think Daniel and I got the better deal, sleep and school or the ZOO? Ok. Enough about the Zoo, and more about the Children's Museum, an actually fun place to go... I think we went more for the kids, but I was pretty dang entertained as well. Except one room, apparently it's the kids favorite, I got a little bit bored I wont lie. Other than that, Emily and I climbed up a tree house and explored different animals. We also played on a tractor and dressed up like butterflies, raccoons, and superheroes.

I think Daniel thought he was the coolest superhero ever. I forget what he called himself... basically he could electrocute anything. 

I, on the other hand, thought my captain America outfit was pretty kick A. It did fit Emmy a tad bit better though. BUT since I do have more to me than her it made me look like I had bigger muscles than it made her. So I guess I win in that department.

Did I mention there was a whole room for Legos?! They had made this giant dragon (right) out of Legos. 

That person is very impressive, minus the fact that they probably do not have a life other than creating giant Lego masterpieces. 

Jake has most definitely grown on me. I was afraid he would not know me very well, and i would not like him all that much. I was very wrong. He is equal with the other two (Ben is not old enough to qualify). I don't even care that he is kind of a brat. I find it cute, and amusing. And the way he talks makes me happy...oh, and that smile gets me every single time. 

Although Ben Doesn't qualify to be in the favorites, he is still pretty dang cute. 

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