Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm not as smart as I thought...

Highschool, now highschool was easy... all it took to get an A was a little bit of work and a lot of being awesome so that the teacher loved you. College, is a different story. Even if I wanted to show the teacher how awesome I am it would be next to impossible since there are hundreds of other students in my class, and since I am never on time to anything in my life i sneak in and sit in the very back every single day. 
College has taught me one thing so far: I am not as smart as I thought I was in highschool. I dont do all that well, and I am not good at focusing on things that do not interest me. Like Biology. Especially when you have a hairy dwarf for a teacher that says essentially at least 20 times a class period and is just happy to be teaching because he isnt even a real teacher. You know those students that get to teach a class sometimes? Yeah, that's him. And he takes it way overboard. Last class for example: We needed to measure the curve on some weird seeds...then throw them off a balcony and see how long till they hit the ground. Simple, right? Dont worry, he took 35 minutes explaining how to do that. Basically, he is a joke. And it's only a 1 credit class, so basically it is POINTLESS. 
I wish I was one of those students who did so great in college. Like this girl in our building, brooke, she got mad that she got an 85 on the test i scored a 64 on. She was mad because she has to get into graduate school, pretty much she needs to be a genius. Then there is me, who cannot retain information for the life of me. And I look around and realize I love being here but I am afraid that I am not going to even last. And who is going to want to marry me if I cannot even get through college? I just am not book smart! I forget when things are due online, because we dont even discuss them in class. Humanities makes me want to crawl in a corner and scream because it is so dang boring. I probably couldnt tell you one thing I have learned in that awful class. 
Bottom line: I'm not as smart as I thought I was. And it is frustrating 

One good thing for the day? Last night, I went to walmart (after visiting a boy and trying to convince him that coming to walmart with me is way more important than getting enough didnt work...) and I bought 4 magnet boards, 2 pink, 2 blue and a white board and replaced those TERRIBLE circles. Only problem is there is still wayy too much white wall that needs to be covered... 

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Kasi said...

You are smart. Don't stress, just keep trying. PS I want to see pics of the boards.