Sunday, January 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home

My new home. It's so great. Snow Hall is the best dorm at Utah State. It is new, and much bigger than the others. I love it!! It's clean, and great. My roommates are pretty dang cool too, that's for another post though. Anyway, i finally took pictures of our dorm. When you walk in the living area is on the left and kitchen on the righ
yeah, about those circles in the living room.... they've got to go. Liz and I are working on a plan of finding a giant poster of a half naked hott man. We havent had any luck yet. So we will see how that goes. If anyone has any laying around, send 'em up! I mean, I love my roommates, buut the whole wooden place mats for wall decorations because they were cheap, terrifies me a tad bit. I hope lizzy and I can find some posters or new decorations soon. I really have actually gotten pretty used to it. But I think we're going to change it soon. 
Kasi. Our Names are Sara, Albree, Marchele, Kelsie, and Liz. So If you can do some crafty giant artwork to hang there that would be FANTASTIC. Or making some sort of hott collage of a scrapbook page of hott men with their shirts off. Examples: Channing Tatum, Chace Crawford, Any abercrombie models, chad michael murray, brad pitt, Matt Damon, More Abercrombie models, and other hott boys. pu pu pu please make us something sweet, i'll pay you! And we like bright colors, like that thing you made me...perfect! You could make a bunch of those with hott boys and maybe our names on one and some cool quotes about friendship, roommates, boys, college. 
Okay, back to the dorm... There is a small hallway, with rooms against the wall and 2 bathrooms on the right at the end. 
Me and Lizzy decorated our bathroom (on the left). We are the only ones that use it. The other 3 use the one on the right. Ours is super cute! Thank you walmart and Target. 
Okay, the best part...OUR ROOM!! It started out pretty basic and plain. A bed on either side of the thing in the middle, a desk, a mirror and two closet/drawer spaces. But Lizzy and I were definitely over that boring Idea. So! We rearranged and the final result: 
Our beds together...Lizzy ended up sleeping by me when they were apart anyway. 
I guess this is 'makeout central' but really it's just our little cuddle corner. We wanted a tv in our room, geez! 

our closet areas...this one is mine.
I definitely should've done before and after pics, oh well. All the black and pictures are ours, obviously. And we have 4 fish. They are great. We had five, but sadly he died :/ . 

so mom and dad this is where i stay up way too late, regularly have boys over, and eat a bunch of crappy college food :)

The end 

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Kasi said...

your apartment is way cute, but seriously, I'm working on some ideas to replace those circles. Seriously UGLY.