Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Santa

Dear Santa... 

It's christmas time and i've been pretty good this year. I want plenty of things. But the things i actually need are on list number 2 

The Ipod Classic or The Ipod Touch 
An ipod thing so i can attach it on my arm 
New work out clothes (swishy short shorts to run in, sports bras, tank tops)
A 4 wheel drive car for terrible Logan
A new blackberry phone (mine is having serious issues) 
A TV and DVD player for my room
Nintendo or a Wii 
Guitar Hero, Rockband 
A treadmill! 
More comfy Pj's 
Cocoa Motion to make hot cocoa in freezing logan
Hot cocoa 
A way to hook an ipod up to my car 
Pilaties Video so i can do pilaties in my dorm 
clothes clothes clothes 
A million dollars 
Cute Victoria Secret underwear and bras :) 
Lots of good hair product
A good curling iron 
Victoria Secret gift card 
Tanning Pass
Massage certificate 
Teeth whitening strips! (this may need to go on the 'need' list haha) 
Fun New Jewelry 

Walmart gift certificate for food
Winter clothes (definitely am not prepared for winter in logan) Boots, pants, coats, long sleeve shirts, gloves, warm stuff 
Church clothes (lacking for sure) 
Stuff for my new dorm ... mom is taking care of that haha 
*** To see Kasi, Kevin, and my kids ***
And my dad and Rhonda (Rhonda called today and said they were coming, YAY!!) 

And probably a lot of other stuff i cannot think of ....


Kasi said...

good job on the new post. I'll keep your list in mind :) But I have something else in mind for you for Christmas. I think you'll like it. But dude, your list IS kinda boring...i mean, a Walmart gift card? haha.

Kasi said...

where did the post go with the prom pics? And what the heck was up with that?