Monday, November 24, 2008

3 Things

Okay so a couple of things
1. My hair is blonde again (yay, i didnt like the dark as much) 
2. The pencil drawing is a drawing this boy kenny drew for me. He is an amazing artist!
3. I got accepted to Utah State :) proud of me? Good. Now i can go there and party non stop. jk
That's all i've got for now...I know, my blog is no where near as cool as Kasi's. 


Kasi said...

Yay GO SARA!!! I am so excited for you! ENJOY the next few years of your life. Oh and you're gorgeous.

Monaca said...

Very Cool! I wish you the BEST of Friends, Teachers, and Roommates in all the world!

P.s..... Since we've drawn your name for the last 6 years, and we do such a rock awesome job shopping for you, someone asked me what we should get you??? do you have any thing you need for DORM living??? or any other thing your B. E. A. UTIFUL heart desires????

Kasi said...

pretty much time for a new post dude.