Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Utah State Adventure # 1

 Okay let me try to begin to entertain 
you. We'll start with my 2 week ago 
Utah State Visit. I went last week as well, but have not yet received the pictures... Just you wait. You're in for a
 treat. Sometimes i go to Logan to run away from home... Then i get told i am going to a jungle party and decide to go to Wal-Mart and buy fabric and attempt to create something i think may pass as jungle-y. But seriously, i thought with it

being Halloween and all, that they would have some sort of 
jungle something that i could wear. 
Right? Wrong. When we 
found Nothing!! We resorted to fabric. 
Good idea? Probably not since if my  mom saw she would kill me and tell me that i am skanky (Yea mom you have said that once when we were talking about dressing 
immodestly) but seriously, i promise i have been dressing better. With this one exception... And i even edited the photos for you :) haha We even wore slip
pers to match. But then the jungle part was crashed or something before we even got there so we just went o some BA club called Club New York. Sounds pretty cool right? Well, i'm not going to lie it was pretty darn lame. I am pretty sure that if us 
3 wouldn't of been there in our jungle 
attire it wouldn't of even passed as kind of fun. But honestly, put 3 hyper girls in random     outfits in just about any situation and it 
just tripled in 
funness. Yes, funness. I used words that are not real sometimes. You will 
learn this as time goes on.  

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Kasi said...

i love your hair