Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Okay so i'll be honest, this whole blog thing kind of frustrates me because i cannot get it to look perfect. Oh well...practice makes perfect, right? Just you wait Kasi. My Blog will be as known and as cool as yours. Just give me a couple weeks dude, just a couple of weeks. And yes i am posting 3 in one night. Who knows i may even add a fourth. But i have to have a cool start so it's not all empty when you come look at it. Anyway...
For those of you who have not seen bucket (Jessica's baby...real name Lancer McKayden Morgan) yet I am putting
 up some pictures. He's pretty
 dang adorable I'm not going to lie. BUT that does not mean i love him more than my nieces
 and nephews. It's equal, no competitions here, got it? [[that's to you dude, you know who you 
are]]. He is now almost 4 months old! Crazy. He's getting fatter by the day. He may even pass up Benny... haha yeah, right.. But seriously. Last night he looked super asian....
Thanks Ryan. 

 Check it out...Jessica and I decided to do her 'angry face' little did we know mister bucket was planning on getting in on the action as well! 


Monaca said...
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Jessica Morgan said...

Hey dude, this whole blog thing is way cool... I will be honest, I kinda want one.. haha.