Thursday, May 5, 2011

Until we meet again

Saying goodbye is a really painful thing. I am pretty good at pushing it off and pretending that moment will never actually come. Sadly today that moment came crashing down, twice.  I do two types of goodbyes....the first is where I am still pushing it away and it won't hit until I am safely miles away from the person (or people) and can deal with it alone, in my bed, late at night. The second, is where I push the moment away quite well and although it's on my mind daily, I mask the sadness with my 'it's never really going to happen' face. Unfortunately with this second kind of goodbye my tears break loose destroying that mask and I am forced to deal with it... RIGHT then. This week has been full of those awful goodbyes. And although change is often a good thing, I can't help but hate leaving what I'm so used to- even if it what is SUPPOSED to happen.  

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