Sunday, March 13, 2011

Anything is okay if you have at least 3 reasons to back it up, right?

I have officially decided to give up on the blog challenge, for the following  3 reasons:

1) I will probably never finish it and sometimes want to blog about something besides what's on the challenge- but then feel like I'm cheating
2) I just looked at the next post and wasn't sure how to create a blog on it. The post  was supposed to be about music. Asking me to narrow down my favorite songs is next to impossible, then asking me what songs I listen to for each mood I am in is even closer to impossible since it varies depending on what the cause of that current mood is
3) The ideas on this blog challenge are not that unique, or interesting, and I don't feel like continuing to try and BS my way through each one
But I do plan on finding a blog challenge I actually WANT to finish, and will actually enjoy wasting your time on my opinions, goals, wants, complaints, needs, etc.

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