Saturday, January 16, 2010

First week back at school.

The first week of school is OVER! And guess what? I love all my classes. Amazing, right? I am taking Weightlifting (which means I'm going to get huge, so watch out!), Orientation to Elementary Education, A career and life planning class, Institute (which I havent been to yet, because i just signed up), and Math 1010. So far Math is great, because I really do LOVE math when I understand it and can do the problems easily. And my teacher is this like 80 year old and he is just this skinny little guy who is so hilarious. I am very entertained 4 times a week by him. Weightlifting is of course so good. We havent really gotten into it yet though, because the first 2 days we just went over safety rules, and what sets and reps are blah blah blah. Hopefully next week we'll really start lifting a lot. Orientation to Elementary Education is going to be a lot of fun I think. I really think I will want to be a teacher. We do 5 hours of observing in a classroom though, so after that I'll let you know more about how I feel. The class seems very fun though, so I'm excited to get further into that. And last, my career and life planning's taught by my counselor actually. I think there is going to be a lot of writing which i'm happy about. I love writing papers (as long as they arent too long). And I really feel like by the end of the class i'll have a better idea on what I want to be when I grow up! The teacher is weird, but in a good/funny way.
Basically there isnt a class I dont like! I think i'll have a good amount of homework to do, but I enjoy that as long as it's stuff i'm interested in and isnt too hard. And I think that is exactly how this will be, so perfect! And I got up and went to every class on time! I've been trying to go to bed by midnight, at the latest, if possible. It's been working out okay. Last night I didnt go to bed till 3 but it's because there was a dance party and then me and 2 friends (jeff and matt) did our math, which took 2 hours. The dance party was a BLAST though. I usually dont dance much at those, but this one I was dancing the entire time we were there. And I was decked out in sweet neon/80's gear. I went with my friend Jeff who I work with, and another girl Bekah we work with. SO much fun.
Let's see, what else? Oh haha so we went to the basketball game Monday night and Jeff has been trying to get our friend Ryan, who runs the camera for games, to put the kiss cam on us for the past like 3 games. So finally he did it. And I just started laughing and was pulling back and he kissed my teeth, then went next to me and kissed lizzy, then our other roommate brittany. It was so great. The footage is on the internet but when I tried to download it, it wouldn't work with my mac. So i'll see if I can figure it out and post it.
Also we are starting a Vlog (video blog) and facebook page for Wingers. Where we're going to have like coupons, discounts, games, and then like a 'real world' wingers show where we video all the dumb things we do there and stuff. Jeff and I are working on it. We just started, but hopefully we'll get more into it soon. If we really go with it, it will be way cool. So add Logan Wingers as a friend on facebook!
Hmm let's see what else I can think of. I've been running again this whole week, which is nice. Only 2-3 miles a day, but it's a start to get back into it. Since I took a good 2 and a half months off. Oh! I have been on a cleaning kick kind of. I hate when things are messy so I've been regularly cleaning the kitchen, and my room. It's so great. We also redecorated our living room (by using stuff we ALREADY had so we didnt become poor over it again) and it's way cute. It's not completely finished, but when it is I will post pictures. Sorry I dont have any pictures to put up really, my batteries went dead and I am poor so I havent boughten more. But I think I'll go get some this weekend and start taking lots of pictures again.

Anyway! Have a good night!! There's an update on my life.

oh I found a couple pictures from the Game on Monday night that I took on my phone:

Mr. And Mrs. Wingers at the Utah State game
This is Jake. I work with him and he lives in the same apartment complex as me
I look stupid in this one but whatever. Me Brendan and JEff. I love these boys!


Adam and Dev said...

Sara! Hope all is well! Cute and Jeff should date ha ha! :)

Bellser said...

So glad you are enjoying school so much. It is a little hard to believe that you hate it when things are messy haha, but good for you! Love ya and miss you Sara.