Friday, May 1, 2009


Yep.. WITHDRAWLS are kicking in. I miss my gidgy and albs and kels. My roommates all left yesterday and today :(. For our last 'hooray' we went to Olive 
Garden for dinner. It was good, although we had a weirdy server. I definitely loved my roommates. They were the best. Although they did get mad when we didnt do our dishes :/ I still will miss living with them. As I sit here in our dorm all alone (who knows where lizzy is???) with no one to say "How was work? How much did you make" or "Want to watch a movie" or possible "Could you do your dishes? It is starting to stink in here". No more notes on the mirror, texts, and sticky notes of reminders. No more gidg hugs. No more Kelsie to laugh at every single one of Lizzy and my jokes...making us feel like the most hilarious people alive. They were pretty great. I love you all and miss you already. 


Albs said...

I miss you too! It is already weird not talking to you guys everyday!!

Marchele said...

Sara!! I miss you too! It seems weird coming to my house every night rather than back to the dorm in Logan. We will definitely keep in touch. Love your face!

Dad. hahaha said...

dude no wonder you got all C's, all you ever do is party, seriously, why are you posting so late? you are going to end up digging ditches for a living